Bar Banter and Other Time Sucking Activities

Your local watering hole is sure glad you're there, yep!  They appreciate your business and so do the owners.  However, there are some customers that insist on yapping their brains out, pulling bartenders away from other critical tasks like I don't know, serving other customers and making a living.  Again, if you want to be treated like a rock star, respect people's time and keep the yap yap and other distractions to the bartender making money to a minimum.  If you've become a friend/regular this applies to you too.  Anything but a bad service employee will constantly be scanning the bar/tables to see if anyone needs another drink, a spill has occurred, someone needs another fork or ketchup, or a hot piece of ass has just rolled up to the bar.  If not, they shouldn't be working there.  

Few things are more disrespectful than telling story after story after story about the most mundane occurrence in your life.  This is especially true of losers who hang out regularly but NEVER actually buy anything or tip, the worst kind of patron.  Learn to notice when you're sucking up too much of someone's time like for instance when you hear "Uh huh, sure or Oh really?" on the order of 2,397 times in 60 seconds with no other feedback.  It means the world doesn't revolve around only you and people have other business to attend to.  It doesn't necessarily mean you're not liked or respected just that you're talking too much while someone else is WORKING.  Yes, part of our job description is indeed to be personable, chat, flirt, be engaging etc.  But many people cross the line into blabbermouth-dom and me-me-me land.  As with other "services," the more you blab, the more you should consider tipping.  Nothing is free.

If a bartender is paying extraordinary attention to you, you're getting hooked up with free drinks, lots of smiles, or he/she is running over to you at every free moment, (1) you're naked [and look good naked] (2) more likely, you're throwing twenties around like you're at a strip club or (3) there is some sort of romantic interest at play. 

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