Two Hot Girls and Entitlement

One of last night's more interesting interactions….

Me: Hey! How are you?  What can I get for you [handing drink menus, bevnaps and smiling on during an extremely busy happy hour rush]
Two Hot Girls: Can we just get some water?
Me: Sure.  Can I get you anything else [as I hand them water knowing full well what is about to ensue]?
THG: Not right now
Me: [5 minutes later] Hi again! Would you like anything from the menu?
THG: We're good with just water
Me: Sure. Anything else?
THG: Nah.  
Me: I'm sorry, but you'll have to order something to be able to sit at the bar.  There are folks customers looking for seats.
THG: Are we that annoying to you?
Me: Look, it's a really busy night and you can't simply take up 2 bar stools.  If you'd like to stay, please order something…
THG: But we're girls [giggling]. We just want to hang out
Me: I don't care if you're girls, guys, lizards, from Venus or Pluto.  I need you to either order or get the fuck out – now.
THG: [looking confused and insulted. 1 minute later casually unglue themselves from their stools and leave]

Now normally, if customers pull this crap and (1) the bar is not busy (2) they offer a reasonable excuse such as waiting for their boyfried/girlfriend or (3) some way, somehow they can attract business [e.g., they're hot], I will often tolerate them for a good while until one of the conditions above have changed.  These two were in another realm of entitlement entirely.  Unfortunately, this type of situation and uncomfortable ensuing confrontation happens quite a bit I'm sad to say – a sad commentary on etiquette, entitlement and just downright lack of class.  

Many, many hot girls in New York have disproportional Big Head Syndrome.  The reason is that us guys have enabled them for their entire adult lives.  

This is one of those things that enrages me inside and ruins my mood for following half-an-hour or so.  As the years have gone on and this experience has repeated itself more times than I care to deal with, I have tended to brush it off much easier than in the past.  My exterior and demeanor with ensuing customers would never let on that I'm severely pissed.  

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One thought on “Two Hot Girls and Entitlement

  1. I just read all of your blog posts, seems a little much, but I really enjoyed them. My favorite experience of my week, was a woman who asked me for a cigarette, then didn’t tip when I said I didn’t have one(I don’t smoke).
    Thanks for the awesome and inspiring posts!

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