Flair… Meh

I don’t get down with Flair Bartending.  This is an indulgence best left for people who don’t want to actually take care of customers, serve drinks or make money – you know, by actually bartending.  Yes, the best get paid and compete and all that; a quick trick is surely impressive once in a while.  However, it’s a visual entertainment phenomenon best left for Vegas freaks and tacky Clevelander (Miami Beach) “bartender” types who are more accurately described as “performers.”  

Yeah, I’m a performer too in many ways.  However, my focus is on volume sales of food and beverages while being engaging, funny an flirtatious so that both the the establishment and I can make some freaking money.  My main objective is to not spill half my owner’s very expensive liquor on the floor doing ridonculous things like trying to pour 7 shots from 7 shakers simultaneously, or spinning full bottles of primo Single Malts around like a circus clown while the bar is three deep.  Anyone who thinks otherwise, has never worked behind a revenue generating bar.  Rather, they’ve been watching too many late-night encores of “Cocktail” and “Roadhouse.”  Speaking of which, don’t ever mention that Tom Cruise movie in my presence.  You’ll instantly be painted as a douche who thinks he knows everything.

Yes, I know some bar tricks and can generally fling shakers, cherries and what not pretty well.  I can spin bottles 720 degrees and catch them by their necks fairly consistently.  Blowing fire is not really all that difficult either.  Lately, I’ve taken to practicing my 3 empty bottle of Malibu juggling (at home – only).   I haven’t gotten it down.  It’s a really tough gig.  It’s hard enough to juggle 3 rubber balls. I can’t come remotely close to to what these guys do though.

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Anyway, this video is pretty entertaining on it’s own.  What people don’t get are how much effort – hours/days/weeks of practice it takes to actually perfect these tricks.  Yeah, really.  What you see on video or live sometimes is the mastery of a specific feat that’s been performed hundreds of times.  Needless to say, to attain that mastery, the performer has generally failed at it hundreds or even thousands of times as well – not unlike a pianist or guitar player that has mastered a particular piece.  I’ll admit, it’s pretty impressive at times when you can pull it off.  


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