Martini Order Fail

Two cute girls sit down at the bar… (no, this is not a prelude to a joke).  I casually stroll over, drink menus in hand and sporting a flirty grin.

[Me] Hi there! How’s it going? Do you know what you’d like or would you a couple of minutes to look at our drink menu?

[Cute Girl A] I dunno.  What do you want?

[Cute Girl B] Uhhh.. uhh…. I dunno. What should we have?

[Me][Pointing to a section on our menu] These are some of our most popular drinks [rattling off suggestions]

[Me] Give me an idea of what you usually drink or like and I can give you some direction.  Do you like dry/sweet, creamy, bubbly?  Do you like whiskies, dry wines, fruity drinks? 

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