Carabinieri Cocktail


The Carabinieri


  • 1oz Vodka (or Tequila if you prefer)
  • 1/2 oz Galiano
  • 1/2 oz Countreau (Orange Curacao or Triple Sec if you’re cheap)
  • Splash of Fresh Orange Juice
  • 1 Egg Yolk


Chill a cocktail/Martini glass if you don’t have a dedicated chiller.

Build your concoction in your 16oz glass shaker. Save the egg yolk for last. Crack and separate the yolk from white using second glass, making sure to stretch your arms really high, and bulging your eyes as extra drama.

Smile grandly and say something mystical that will reinforce the customer’s belief that you’ve graduated from the Tom Cruise Academy of Flair.  Alternatively, concoct some whimsical story about partying it up with these crazy dancers from Florence you shacked up with last year when you were exploring the Eastern-most Himalayas on foot.  Remember, you’re on stage.  The theatrics, presentation and atmosphere are half of what they’re paying for.

Pour the egg yolk in with the rest of the ingredients.  Fill with ice.  Slam your tin shaker on it and shake vigorously at least 20 times.  Don’t panzy shake it.  You need good momentum to whip up the egg.   You’re looking for a consistency of emulsion of sorts – a nice frothy, creamy and icy blend.  Strain into your Martini glass.  Garnish with a full orange wheel. You can get all crazy, if you want, with things like sugar or blood-orange/caramel reduction rims or whatever.

Don’t be scared of the egg and your customers won’t be either.  No one’s going to die or even get sick, Rock-O. That’s a myth or extreme rarity.

About 11 years ago, these super cool German customers came into my bar at brunch and taught me how to make this Italian drink – go figure.  In any case, it’s been on my specialty recommendation list ever since.  It’s fucking delicious! Now look – it’s a rich, luscious drink. You’re not going to have 5 of them.  It’s best as an after dinner drink as it’s a tad, but not overly, sweet and is reminiscent of custard.

There are some scattered recipes out there for this yumminess – most of them calling for Tequila as the base.  Having tried both, I prefer the combination with Vodka… and this is coming from a Tequila afficiando.


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