Idiot Bartender of the Day – James Keck

Sin City Edition (I suspect we’ll frequently be hearing crazy bar stories coming out of Vegas)

The booking photo for James Keck, 42, who was arrested on three counts of attempted murder, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of burglary with a deadly weapon following a shooting Thursday at a bar in the southwest valley that left three people injured.Poor Mr. Keck. If only you’d taken the time to get your edumacation on properly by studying my Macking With The Staff article, you could have saved yourself a rather awful engagement with The Man.

You could have found other ways to court your paramour or you could have found equally – uh- reciprocal benefits in someone else, like a nearby Bunny Ranch associate, no?  Your former co-workers could have been spared that all too familiar (don’t ask me how I know) cool/hot feeling and subsequent bleeding out one often gets upon being pumped full buckshot from a 12 gauge.

According to local PoPo and the Las Vegas Sun reports, our brother in arms fellow barkeep was supposedly cut loose from Bomas for failing a piss test.  Apparently, he’d also  been courting a fellow female Bomas bartender for quite some time, with no success.

Well, hell hath no fury like a victim of bartender rejection, don’t it – dangit!  It was just all too much to bear for our man Jimbo.  He allegedly grabs his pump shottie and goes all kinds of postal on Bomas, shooting up 3 chicks, including his object of affection.

Now I could be wrong – being of a blue collar disposition, lacking a post-graduate degree and all – but, I suspect that Jim here was not a member of the upper crusts in terms of gallantry, civility, eloquence and lastly, common sense.   I’m guessing that before that sad day, he showed signs of anger, rejection and propensity for violence yet wasn’t appropriately disciplined.  I may be reaching but I doubt it.  My better judgement and street sense tells me that most people who go bananas have previously exhibited some kind of symptoms as a precedent.

I must admit, I’ve seen some crazy shit go down at bars since 1994.  Some of those incidents have – yes – included (1) catastrophic levels of illicit drug use on the job (2) romantic meltdowns by both patrons and employees (3) Animal House style bloody brawls and even (4) attempted murders.   However, this is the first incident I can ever recall of a service employee going mortally apeshit and busting caps willy nilly.

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3 thoughts on “Idiot Bartender of the Day – James Keck

  1. Freddy, You know jack shit about what happened so fuck you! This was a decent man with no priors. He was going with this woman for quite some time, but keep believing everything you read. Yes, he did a bad thing, but ALL your assumptions are ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Why he did it is a mystery to all but him, but don’t talk shit about someone you don’t know.

    • Umm…. yeah. Settle down Beavis. It’s just a freaking satirical blog article – not The Zombie Apocalypse. Who gives a shit what I write anyway? “DECENT MAN???” You jest, right? He gunned down unarmed people – end of story – no matter what I write, make up, or report. Get a grip… – er – reality check.

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