Idiot Server of the Day Award: Jeff from Chilly D’s in Stockton, CA

Oh Jeff the Server. How we envy loathe thee for getting all loose at the Micros terminal and speaking/typing your mind. How we all [secretly] wish we could tell guests how we really feel, don’t we? Newsflash Jeff: (1) it seems you skipped the corporate training manual’s sensitivity training chapter (2) your parents have failed you something awful (3) you’re going to have the worst time finding a new gig – especially in Hospitality (4) you’re a straight-up, god-damned schmekel tip of the highest order and (5) in the infamous words of that dude with the terrible dome rug, you’re fired! How in the hell did the filter between your noggin and your finger tips fail you so miserabley as to assign the term “Fat Girls” to one of your checks and subsequently hand it to your guests?

I mean, look – we’ve all done some stupid shit in our serving careers. We deal with the retail public. We’re all human. That means, we’re far from perfect and we err from time to time. But what you’ve done, Jeff, is thrust yourself into that rarefied pedestal of uber-stupidity – an epic failure of common sense and decency. You’ve tarnished the good name of every F.O.H. Server, Bartender, Sommelier, Floor Manager, Bus Boy and Runner. You’ve single-handedly managed to knock back liberty and acceptance about 10 years, once this story hits the masses (no pun intended – well, kinda).

Not that many unusually large, disabled, maimed, disfigured, noticeably effeminate men, butchy looking women and other minority groups didn’t feel somewhat uneasy dining in public already, not that F.O.H. staff didn’t already have condescending thoughts stirring about, but you punched it into fucking Micros you twat! You documented it and probably made three human beings feel smaller and more embarrassed than possibly can be imagined. Furthermore, you’ve likely ruined, or have now been responsible a substantial hit to the income of what was probably a perfectly successful restaurant. Cameo Club Casino (Chili D’s parent), unsurprisingly, is in full-on Damage Control and Guest Recovery modes. They’re spewing apologies and distancing themselves from Jeff with more vigor than Bob Costas and the Brady Bunch Campaign extol trying and take your [legal] guns away. Chili D’s and their staff will [eventually] recover, but that establishment is severely tarnished for the foreseeable future. All of your fellow employees and owners are highly likely to not only feel the stigma, but the financial pinch of your asshat maneuver. Wtf Jeff? What were you thinking?

So Jeff, with that, TTAB awards you the prestigious honor of Idiot Server of the Day. Congrats!

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