Post Christmas 2012 Injuries


Like dainty fingers and manicured nails? Bartending my not suit you. Here are two more gashes within 4 shifts – this week alone. Lovely. Neither will heal anytime soon due to an exhaustive and painful routine of garnish tray Citric Acid baths, fishing in industrial-strength rust remover (Maraschino cherry juice), broken glass gymnastics, refreshingly contaminated wash water dips, filthy bar-rag “wax-on, wax off,” and an ever present flow of our cleanest [not] U.S. currency. Fun, huh? Here’s to hoping it won’t go all Bar Rot on my this time. Welcome to my world. Just gotta bear the pain and keep slinging them drinks with a smile. Upshot: NuFoam wash detergent kills HIV. So, at least I’m golden to get all raw dawg with some random Strange, right?

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One thought on “Post Christmas 2012 Injuries

  1. I feel your pain! During my hectic Christmas shift I somehow managed to imbed a splinter deep under the fingernail on my thumb. The slightest pressure causes a lot pain. Oh well…like you said…grin and bare it.

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