Bone Luging – Not Just For Girls

The Bone Luge: Gross, Weird, But More Than Just a Gimmick

No fools. Not that kind of bone. I’m talking bovine bone – the real deal – the kind my grandmother would force us to scoop the marrow out and nom it down when I was a kid. I didn’t know what the hell the stuff was at the time. As if you needed any further evidence that Gawker (and it’s primo property, Gizmodo) are full of win, they’ve got the skinny on Bone Luging.

Now look. I’m a career bartender and I’ve worked in several “have a smiling someone hand me a towel to wipe my ass” type of Italian and French eateriesI’ve had to prepare Steak Tartare and debone fillets directly in front of guests one too many times I think. If I have to just one more time spiel a table on “shaley,” Old Word, Loire Valley Pinot vs. New World California earthy goodness, and recommend a “good” bottle, I think I’m going to slit my wrists. Yes, this bartender knows wine. One thing I don’t know, is the Bone Luge. It’s all new to me. So it was was with great fanfare and a salivating palate that I came across yet another fascinating boozing article on – this time, detailing what seems like a lovely mew drinking sport.

“When you’re done eating, you’re left with a hollowed-out bone. Here’s where the luge comes in. You’re going to order a glass of booze (more on which kind in a moment). You put one end of the bone up to your mouth, tilt the bone up, and pour your drink down the other side. Do it right, and it’s perfectly funneled into your mouth.”

The gist of the Giz is essentially the L-Glutamate triggers our Umani tastes and kicks whatever liquor goodness you might be drinking into uber-high gear.

“When you bone luge, the alcohol carries some of the excess fat present in the marrow residue with it. Even in small amounts, this adds to the richness of the drink. Because the fat is still liquid on the warm bone, it mixes instantly with the beverage as you’re drinking it. The effect is very similar to fat wash, where something like bacon fat is infused into a spirit, frozen, and then strained out. Except with the luge it’s an instantaneous effect. Pouring it down the warm bone also serves to heat the alcohol, slightly, which further releases the aroma.”

Giz never ceases to amaze me. I often think that their crew would be much better served blogging about drinking and bartending as opposed to gadgets.

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