Failblog: Aarmaan’s Black Booster Whiskey

Black Booster Whisky

Black Booster Whisky

Today’s Advertising Fail: Witness Kadco “Brewery” and it’s fine, fine Black Booster “Whiskey.” Its cost: $3.65 per 5 liters (1.3 U.S. gallons). I don’t know which denomination/currency this is was quoted in. But, whichever it happens to be, it’s damned cheap.

Quality control:

  • Ghetto-approved plastic jug: check
  • Looks like Dextron III, 100,000-mile antifreeze (and could efficiently substitute as such): check
  • Mass produced: check
  • Made in third-world, Junta-ruled country with lack of infrastructure and reliably clean water: check
  • Supposedly “distilled” and bottled packaged by an obscure company: check
  • Carlo Rossi, Ernest & Julio Gallo approved: check
  • Fonzi would drink it: check

Other practical uses:

  • Scale, lime and rust removal
  • Porcelain polish
  • Temporary blinding agent
  • Mix with dish soap to make cheap Napalm
  • Efficiently destroys Louse and simultaneously dissolves unwanted hair
  • Relieves Constipation

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