Ghetto Can Opener



Can Opening


When your dumb ass has lost the bar’s last can opener and you’re in the weeds, there’s only one sure-fire way to open #5 tin cans – a nicely squared, steel corner of a nearby cooler. We’ve all been there. Ill-advised or not, slam the end of the can into the corner, hopefully opening a good-sized gash like the one above. Pull back quickly and you’ll lose maybe an ounce or two of content. Don’t try this at home folks… you’ll destroy your counter tops and create one sticky hell of a mess on your residential floor.

The can is perfectly clean. What you’re seeing is just gooey, particulate-laden, post-pour, Pineapple goodness on the lid.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not claiming this is what I practice. It’s just a demonstration of Bartender-Survival-Fu in emergency situations. Among other health code requirements, you must have a proper can opener, gloves, tongs, etc. at your bar at all times.

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