Douglas Tirola’s Hey Bartender – Official Trailer

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Oh man! This looks really, really interesting. Not sure how, but I stumbled across this upcoming film this morning and I’m hooked. Can’t wait to see what it’s all about. This is an about to be released, documentary bartending film by Douglas Tirola.

The film’s Facebook page is nothing short of Bartending Nirvana for lifers like me. Check it out.

Stay tuned.

Cocktail Basics: The Long Island Iced Tea

long island iced tea

There are a handful of “bro drinks” out there that, when ordered, instantly make me cringe (internally) with horror. The Long Island Iced Tea, frequently referred to as an L-I-T, is near the top of that short list. I haven’t had one since I was maybe 24 (nearly 20 years ago). There’s a good reason: It’s nasty, ghetto, bro‘ish, lacks sophistication, and is generally not a treat for the palate. Furthermore, it’s deceptively far too high in alcohol content to let you enjoy one after the other without (a) upchucking your lunch in colossal fashion or (b) partaking in the timeless game of Grab-ass with the cute, young stranger directly to your left without permission.

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Credit Card Voucher Sports: May 2013

Credit Card Voucher Sports May 2013

Young lady walks into busy bar and sits down at an empty stool.

Proceeds to look only down at iPhone.

Bartender finishes with previous customers, rolls up to her, and spouts his usual:

[Me] Hi there. What can I get for you?

[Chick] I’ll take a Corona – with lime. And oh… can I see a menu?

[Me] Sure.


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Idiot Bartender of The Day Award: Albert Bykov

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Gotta love the Ruski’s sense of boldness, aye? The former U.S.S.R. collective often seems to embody an environment apparent lawlessness. Or, at least it’s portrayed that way in American media. The nearly ubiquitous Dashcams-Gone-Wild typically document the effects of such an disorganized state of affairs; reminding me of something – not unlike – post-war [former] Yugoslavia. This time, however, it was a semi-intentional stunt-gone-wrong captured via smartphone at an imbibery.

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We’re Going Ham With The Mint Julep

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It’s nearly Kentucky Derby time fools! Personally, I don’t give two craps. I’m the anti-hero when it comes to sports. Golf, Horse Racing, and NASCAR make me dry-heave an extra two times with, twisting my gut with extraordinary pain. I know, I know - sacrilege, right? Especially for a bartender and a dude! I couldn’t care any less about following football, basketball, hockey (extra yikes!), and baseball. My straight guy friends (they’re rare – 9/10 of my friends are hot chicks) hate on me endlessly for being “anti-sports,” a befitting description of me since my early twenties. Shockingly, many of my gay guy friends have a ton more interest in following sports than even I do. Somehow, I fake it pretty good when engaging sports fanatics with seemingly endless conversations at the bar.

The only reason I care about the Kentucky Derby, is because it’s yet another excuse to drink a classic cocktail.

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Broken Glass… It Doesn’t Do a Body Good



Note to bar owners: spring for behind-the-bar dishwashers and/or a proper dishroom. Washing glasses by hand, in your classic three-sink setup, leads to inevitable minor (and sometimes major – as seen) injuries due to hidden broken glass behind all those bubbles and murky waters. When busy, or when washed by less than O.C.D. barbacks, hand-washing also leaves a not so pleasant film on all your glasses. That’s an issue that gets progressively worse as the bar liveliness ramps up, and as the hours tick by without changing wash and rinse waters. Yum! Mucho gusto el extra flavor in cocktails!

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