Broken Glass… It Doesn’t Do a Body Good



Note to bar owners: spring for behind-the-bar dishwashers and/or a proper dishroom. Washing glasses by hand, in your classic three-sink setup, leads to inevitable minor (and sometimes major – as seen) injuries due to hidden broken glass behind all those bubbles and murky waters. When busy, or when washed by less than O.C.D. barbacks, hand-washing also leaves a not so pleasant film on all your glasses. That’s an issue that gets progressively worse as the bar liveliness ramps up, and as the hours tick by without changing wash and rinse waters. Yum! Mucho gusto el extra flavor in cocktails!

I’ve witnesses – first-hand – similar injuries when muddling Mojitos in less than ideal glasses; a situation which sometimes leads to spontaneous and unexpected shattering. Imagine your hand is holding the bottom of said glass while your exerting your manly might with a muddler from up above, in a desperate attempt to crush some rock-hard, out-of-season lime chunks. Yikes.

Yes, that’s my borked thumb. I went back to work the following evening with a finger condom and a severe longing for strong-ass Opiates like Hydrocodone. Though the hot E.R. nurses and doctor were doting on me, they laughed me off when I half-jokingly asked for the good shit – a la Rush Limbaugh. Instead, I got the generic, O.T.C., Midol. What a rip-off. Maybe next time.

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