This Bartender Knows Monogamists

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Well, more like I knew The Monogamists. Sex and The City – Season 1, Episode 7. I know, I know… it’s not Throwback Thursday just yet. But what the hell. Pouring through some really old hard drives from yester-year, I dug up some vintage photos and video footage. Some of them – naturally – I really didn’t want to see (read: relics of relationships crashed and burned). Others, had me awash in smirks and nostalgia.

Back in Victorian times, I used to get the odd bit-part offer for TV and film. I dunno – I’ve probably done a dozen or so of those things ranging from MTV pilots, to music videos, film extra parts, and this one – a little bartender ditty. SJP was in full diva mode that day (or maybe she’s like that all the time – who knows?). In any case, the producers had me do this weird series of shakes, rattles and drink carries. Not exactly how I make Cosmos personally. But who am I to judge the television creative process?

Anyways, look at that young pup with actual hair on his head! Circa 1998 at the Coffee Shop in Union Square.

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