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black and blue

What’s black and not blue, stout and wheaty, and plain old tasty as all hell? Why it’s the venerable Black and Blue! What’s that you say? When you’ve finally matured and gained class tired of pisswater, do yourself a huge favor and ask your friendly neighborhood bartender for one of these delectible jamies. It requires you to have both Blue Moon (or any Hefeweizen really) as well as Guiness (or similar Stout) on drought.


What you want to do is to first fill about 3/5 of the height of a pint glass full of Blue Moon. Next, grab your bar spoon. and lay it against the inside of the glass, at the top-most level of beer. Hold the other end of the bar spoon steady against the rim of the pint glass using your palm and fingers. Next, position the spoon so directly under the Guiness tap. With your spare hand, slowly open up the Guiness and layer on to the Blue Moon. With a bit of practice, this can be prepared pretty quickly.

Naturally, it’s a visual treat that tends to inspire much conversation and “me too” type sales. Needless to say, if Blue Moon and Guiness are good apart, they must be great together.

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