Lobster Does Not a Bloody Mary Make

There are Bloody Mary’s. Then there are other bevies concocted with a lil’ tomato juice, vodka, Tabasco, spices and a cacophony of fresh meat stuffs, sauteed vegetables, and or grilled organic tofu with rare, Bangladeshi, Autumn herbs shizzle. Basically, it’s some cracked-out, French Culinary Institute graduate’s idea of a meal replacement. Voila – you have lobster Gazpacho with a dash “Vocka…” err… uh… or some facsimile thereof.


The particular M.R.E. you see above is routinely served at the Lower East Side’s Lobster Joint (located in – arguably – the epicenter of Manhattan-based Hipsterdom). For those lacking basic google-fu ability and mapping sense (aka, those who didn’t graduate Kindergarten), that’s an eatery on Houston and Ludlow here in NYC.

This particular shot was taken by my – forgive my candor – curvaceous, bodacious, and absolutely dee-licious “friend” Courtney on one of her frequent, almost nightly, jaunts about town. Now I love me some Courtney Bloody Marys. And I love me some perfectly cooked and chilled lobster, Katz’s full-sour pickles, and well-cured Tsakistes olives. Shit – I heart me some MozzArepas, fatty Pork Belly and braised Short Ribs too. But, I do not exactly get excited at the prospect of combining the lot into a pseudo-Bloody Mary!

Call me a Purist. But I like my Bloody Mary’s to be just that – Bloody Mary’s. With that, I’m off to Lobster Joint to sample their… umm… soup.

In the meantime, let’s get closer acquainted with Courtney, shall we? Here she is in recent photograph. Well… not really. It’s a just gratuitous Rosie Jones shot – close enough though I reckon. Yes, for realz.

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