Casey Young Waxes on Bad Bar Behavior

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Here at TTAB, I’m just about never opposed to showcasing a fellow bartender who (a) consistently displays mad mixology skillz or evident bartending experience and (b) has upped their social media game somthin’ special, putting their unique personalities front and center. Like many a [straight] walking penis, I’m particularly enamored when said barkeep happens to be.. ehem… hot. So it is with great pleasure that I “discovered” Ms. Casey Young recently and highlight this pretty young thing for your viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately – like a couple of other uber-attractive (to me) media mogul bartenders of the Interwebs – she does her thang and resides on the Wrong Coast. Alas, that 3000 mile thingee again keeps her unattainable prevents me from properly sampling her ample wares and personally evaluating her surely wondrous abilities (so to speak). So be it (for now).

The video itself is very well done. From the production value perspective, Ms. Young has clearly been picking the brains of Señors Bruckheimer, Coppola, and Howard when they frequent her bar and ogle her – uhh – Laphroig collection. As a career bartender, I clearly identify with every situation presented in the video.

Well done Ms. Young!

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