Ron Jeremy Pays Us a Visit


I live and work in New York City. That affords me the opportunity to stand on almost any street corner, close my eyes, swing my arms around, and smack maybe 3 celebrity grills. Being in the Hospitality game, that also means I’ve had many an opportunity to wait on countless celebrties. Not a big deal really – we all put on our pants one leg at a time. I’m never star-struck. I simply don’t give a crap about anyone’s celebrity status really.

The bar in which I currently work isn’t exactly frequented by A-list actors, professional sports folks, etc. as frequently as many of the higher-end spots I’ve worked at in the past. That’s all well and good though. It’s not important to me. We do, however, get absolutely bombarded by top tier comedians – go figure. I aspire to be gobsmacked by other things like boobs personality. Well, you can throw all that out the window when the greatest actor of our time rolls into your bar. Behold, classically-trained, Queens-born, legend of of the screen Ron Jeremy.

That’s my fellow barkeep Kyle who was immensely delighted to entertain Ron’s every desire during his visit – or something like that. I don’t judge what Kyle does really (in terms of his bartending skills). Don’t get all self-righteous and/or stupid denying knowledge of this man’s glorious career and envious appendage. If your goal is to ensure that your purebred Daschund and leased Bimmer overrun Greenwich, CT neighbors continue to invite you to their annual Argyle-sweater-tied-over-the-shoulder holiday party, I guess you could do worse than to keep your mouth shut. Go ahead and continue to use Chrome in Incognito Mode. Our boy is the damned patriarch numero uno of a $10 billion dollar a year industry. One whose combined Web traffic consistently exceeds traffic to all other Web sites year after year. One that 99% of Americans defiantly claim they know nothing about - right.

Anyway, Ronny recently recovered from some seriously scary health problems but is now, thankfully, doing just fine. I guess that means he can get back to the – uhh – daily grind, A.S.A.P. He also recently launched is very own line of rum which yours truly has been fortunate enough to sample. I must admit, it’s damned tasty!

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  1. Entertaining blog, just stumbled upon it. Off topic question: Do you have a particular bartender’s bible type book you would recommend to new bartenders? I hear good things about the “Bartender’s Black Book,” what’s your take? Thanks for any advice!

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