2013 NYC All Night Drinking Permits List is a Go

New York City is a traveler’s Mecca to most good-hearted folk worldwide. Imbibing fans in particular consistently score my hometown somewhere in their top-ten-lists of places to get sloshed before they kick the bucket. In many neighborhoods ’round these parts, there is some wickedly evil alcohol dispensery, issued a NY State Liquor Authority license of some sort (click link for various NYS SLA classes), about every other storefront on each and every block. Think: Lower East Side and West Villiage. The most common, happens to be the On-Premises Liquor variety.

While most other states toll the Last Call bell somewhere between 1am and 3am, first time visitors – out of state U.S. folks in mostly – are often left aghast, amazed, and pleasantly surprised that NYC bars are legally permitted to get you shit-faced ’till 4am. In general, old Irish men social boozers can recommence their salacious activities at 12pm Sundays, and 8am the other six days.

There is one exception to this hard and fast rule however – one which is little known to most outside the Hospitality ownership and us poor saps who have to labor behind the bar on the second worst amateur-hour drinking day of the year – New Years Eve (the greatest offender being St. Pattie’s day). That exception is the coveted New York SLA All-Night-Permit. You heard right folks. There is one day out of the Calendar Year where you can [legally] get away with serving until 8am without fear of being carted off in the Paddie Wagon. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t establishments who don’t draw the shades and don’t serve past 4am without a permit however.

Obviously, as in most drivers in modern life (e.g., Duck Dynasty), the fact that bar owners can easily pocket a shit-ton of extra loot in the wee-hours, is the underlying root issue. Licensees have to apply well in advance of course. And, as you might suspect, not every applicant is granted a permit. Furthermore, for your imbibing pleasure, that list is made publick now-a-days via Ye Olde Interwebs.

Without further ado, I present you the 2013 list of approved All-Night Permit Licensees. Drink up fellow Hospitality slaves. It’s gearing up to be a long shift. Good luck to you all.

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  1. I love your blog. I tend bar on the east side. A long shift if was. 8am drunk customers are alot worse then 12am or 4am customers. Hope you had a good and profitable night comrad

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