Seems Tipping is for White People


Well, it’s news to me. Glad I know. Yes, this is for real. You just can’t make this stuff up folks.

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5 thoughts on “Seems Tipping is for White People

  1. He looked over at the woman customer he’d acknowledged earlier. “That’s my girl. She’s my butch wingman.”

    “Do us all a favor and teach your wingman how to tip,” I said.

    “She doesn’t tip?”

    “Like nothing. Ever.”

    “I could tell her…but she can’t change the color of her skin.”


    “You know we don’t tip.”

    “And…” I asked tentatively. “Why is that?”

    “Most black people are like me and love their money and don’t see why they should drop a dollar just because you opened a bottle. I could do that myself.”

    I stammered, “Well…move to Europe if you don’t want to tip!”

    “I mean I tip, but it’s because I have so many friends who work in restaurants.”

    I looked at the oversized Stella Artois glass we used as a tip jar. It contained a few crumpled bills, three quarters and a paper clip…..

  2. Maybe it would be better to demand better pay and conditions instead of getting pissed at BEM customers. Also, this article is incorrectly tagged ‘racism’, suggesting that note left on the check was racist.

  3. The best tip I ever got was “stay in school”, I posted the photo on Facebook – without blurring his card details. Complete accident but I do secretly hope he got his identity stolen.

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