Drinking on the Job

Well, well.  Boozing staff – a huge concern of owners – second only to theft, which I’ll cover later.  Look, on the job, every bartender drinks or has drunk – period.  In some places I’ve worked, drinking on the job is encouraged. In others, it’s banned outright. Yet still in others, it’s somewhere in the middle – tolerated . Regardless of the owner’s policy, I assure you the bartender will at some point be drinking – guaranteed.  It’s pretty much part of the job description.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a big fat liar or just plain ignorant.  I’ve worked with militant management/owners that fire anyone they catch.  They even apply this policy to having a shot with a big-spending regular that has requested as much.  That’s the most ludicrous reaction I’ve ever witnessed!  What’s the point?  The bartender is there to serve and please the customer – keep him/her happy, drinking, eating, out of danger, entertained and coming back to spend more money.  I don’t know where these out-of-touch managerial folks come from that believe otherwise, but where I come from, declining drink offers is an insult.

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