Ordering Drinks

This is intended for customers…

Many folks, quite often, aren’t sure what they’d like to drink when they walk in.  That’s fine.  If the place has one, ask for a drink menu and/or scan the back bar’s inventory.  When you’re ready, make eye contact with the bartender and state your order.

If you’re with a party of 2, 3, 4 or so, DO NOT order until you have all decided what you’d like.  If not, you make the bartender’s life miserable; particularly if the bar is busy and he/she has to make something time consuming one after the other rather than making them all at once (2 Mojitos and 2 Pina Coladas for example).

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Drinking on the Job

Well, well.  Boozing staff – a huge concern of owners – second only to theft, which I’ll cover later.  Look, on the job, every bartender drinks or has drunk – period.  In some places I’ve worked, drinking on the job is encouraged. In others, it’s banned outright. Yet still in others, it’s somewhere in the middle – tolerated . Regardless of the owner’s policy, I assure you the bartender will at some point be drinking – guaranteed.  It’s pretty much part of the job description.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a big fat liar or just plain ignorant.  I’ve worked with militant management/owners that fire anyone they catch.  They even apply this policy to having a shot with a big-spending regular that has requested as much.  That’s the most ludicrous reaction I’ve ever witnessed!  What’s the point?  The bartender is there to serve and please the customer – keep him/her happy, drinking, eating, out of danger, entertained and coming back to spend more money.  I don’t know where these out-of-touch managerial folks come from that believe otherwise, but where I come from, declining drink offers is an insult.

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