The Pour

Here’s one of my biggest pet peeves from the initiated barkeep – the pour. Ask most bartenders in clubbish type of hotspots how much they pour in a shot/drink and they’ll tell you “…a four-count” or something to that affect. It’s not entirely their fault because that’s what they were taught. However, anyone who is remotely interested in continually bettering themselves and their respective crafts is always learning – I included. I don’t purport to know everything – no oneknows everything.

Ask that same person again how many ounces that four-count translates to and you’ll get the deer-in-headlights lobotomized stare into never-never-land. If you’ve read my Training posts, you’ll notethat this is because most bartenders have zero formal training. Nor have they bothered to open a book (other than that horrific Mr. Boston garbage) in an effort to get a bit more edumacted since memorizing a few simple and popular drinks.

For the record, the “standard”pour of 80 proof spirits is 1.5oz although you’ll find many, many barsoverpouring to something like 2oz or even 2.5oz especially in the inner Citywhere drinks get relatively pricey. Back to that “four-count.” It’s a decent way to measure that 1.5oz butit can vary based on (1) how full/empty your bottle is (2) the type and qualityof your pourers (3) hiccups and (4) the random barkeep’s idea of “oneone-thousand.” Continue reading