Got questions? Got answers? Got beef? Are you feeling ripe? Do you need an event bartender, a fleet of them?  Yes, I still do events if asked.  I have my own truck, portable bar, and am an experienced party planner.

Are you starting your own bar/restaurant and need an opener, Bar Manager, or Project Manager?  Are you in a bind and can’t find someone that does P.O.S. and workstation Ethernet cable runs, wired/wireless networking, server administration, IP cams, DVR work (yeah – I really do that too)?

Considering diving into the Blogosphere and require advice or help?

Want an unbiased review of your service industry oriented product – good or bad?

Maybe you’d just like the coziness of a few beers and pizza on a lonely, rainy night.  Could be you just need someone to massage your balls at the end of a long day.  I dunno…  Just please don’t have scoliosis or ringworms…

Comments or questions are welcome.

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