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This is not your blog.  It’s my blog.  Want to talk shit?  Got issues with the content?  I don’t care. Create your own blog or multinational, corrupt, cable news network and run your mouth at will. Write endless articles about what an ass I am – no problem.  I won’t be offended.  I’m just a dude and bartender posting my rants, opinions, observations and ideas.  Don’t like ‘em?  Well, I have some advice for ya – don’t read the blog! Simple, eh?

I don’t claim to be some omnipotent, faultless, super-human, master of the universe and ultimate bad-ass, tactical ninja and SEAL-team-6 warrior. I express my own thoughts (however mundane), expressed in my own ways – not yours. There is a hella mountain of beans of NSFW content and what may be deemed as Politically Incorrect, offensive, or discriminatory banter here.  Again, direct your Web browser to an alternate URL if you’re offended.  Perhaps the Christian Science Monitor is more up your alley.

There are occasionally posts culled from other public news sources, on which I will comment and maybe even satirize – dramatizations, embellishments, and illogical deductions be damned. Deal with it. I’m not doing anything illegal.  Furthermore, why would you care what I think?

There are also occasional product, services or establishment reviews – none of which are paid or tainted by manufacturer/owner endorsements or financial considerations.  Sometimes they’re good, other times – not so much.  They’re just my personal opinions after a lifetime in the industry. I do not offer any legal advice and none of my content should be taken as gospel or the law of the land. If you’re on a pickle with the man, you shouldn’t be referencing some idiot’s blog. You need to speak to a good attorney.

All the stories on this blog are real – of my own experience mostly. Most of the photographs are my own. Others may be reference photos from public news sources, public domain, or used with permission. There are times where certain facts or names have to be materially omitted or when names of people/places have to be changed to protect the truly stupid.  As I’ve mentioned in my About page, I’m not out to terrorize anyone or business.  I could easily throw a ton of idiots from the past under the bus but I don’t.  That’s not my mission.  I’m just expressing myself as a goof and sometimes belting out some old bartending experiences.  Deal with it or tune out.

I reserve the right to tune you out however, if you comment bomb my blog with repeated stupidity and idiotic URL injection attacks.  I haven’t deleted a comment yet however wrong or spiteful and likely never will.  But, if you’re a retard, and there are many of you on the InterWebs it seems, I may eventually have to take steps squash your access – be warned.


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Don’t expect any here. The Interwebz are full of trolls.


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By continuing to use this site and read my posts, you freely admit – under no duress – that you’re a boob too and relinquish all claims to the contrary.



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