Fat Cats – Bar Manager Breakdown

Face it – everyone’s got a boss.  Whether you’re a Porter or sit at the top as the owner, you report to someone. If you own the joint, and think you’re responsible to no one, you’r 100% doomed to grind your bar into the ground, obscurity or both.  The customer, or guest, is everyone’s boss – period.  This is the person who pays your mortgage/rent, alimoney/child-support, gives you crunk money, buys you jeans, a monthly MetroCard, the latest Jordans, pays for your cocaine habit  and a myriad of other necessities and vices.  Never forget it.

That said, as bartenders, let’s take a look at the person to whom we not so happily, report to directly in this business.  That’s usually the Bar Manager.  The Bar Manager is sometimes the owner, General Manager, Floor Manager or Head Bartender.  One way or another,  he/she is supposed to be responsible for running shit.  Like many bosses, he/she often has a big head, combined with delusions of how things “should be,” while they not so reluctantly daydream and frequently share their goal opening up their own bars.  There are occasionally decent or good bar managers.  But, they’re few and far between.  More often, you’re left to deal with these assclowns below.

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