Clowns Scare the Piss Out People

Halloween’s not as far off as you might think. “OCD Me” is already brainstorming on ideas for costumes that are both over-the-top unique as well as being somewaht functional for a 10 hour bar shift. I take my Halloween bartending shifts very seriously. It’s a big money night. Last year, “Bunny” and I (below) walked with $650 each if I recall. Along with being bartenders with seriously mad flighty skills and speed, we’re all-in when it comes to Halloween. That often includes our costumes, as well as being appropriately engaging (partying) with customers who’ve made serious efforts to stand out from your dime-a-dozen, cheaply accessorized Heath Ledger jokers, Batmans, Catholic School Girls, etc. Then there are the lame-asses who’s only idea of effort is to slap on a Afro wig and some sunglasses.

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