A Fellow Meatpacking District Bartender Spills the Beans


A Meatpacking District Bartender Tells Us The Best And Worst Parts Of Her Job

“Now I make almost six figures working 30 hours a week – so $1,500 to $2,000 per week [bartenders pool money and each take home a fair share]. I also have health insurance. I’m really lucky.

How did you get to that point? 
I’ve had to pay my dues. In the Meatpacking District, employers wouldn’t even see people without three years of work experience, or without three really strong references.”

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Abbey Bar, Willamsburg Bartender Spills Beans

From The Business Insider:

Bartender Reveals The Truth About Working For A Dive Bar In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Abby Bar is the Shangri-La of freedom. No managers, you’re in charge, no doorman. You’ve got to bust your asses, but you’re in charge. The only way you get a job at the Abby Bar is by drinking there. Alcohol reveals your personality, and the bartender is always watching. I was a regular there, talking about how much I didn’t like my job, and one day, this bartender was like, do you want a job? I was the first person hired there in about three years.

In bartending, there’s a cult of personality. Even if you’re pulling in the money, clean as a whistle — if something about your personality is off, you’ll get fired.”

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