The Truth About Gin & Tonics

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it eleventy billion times – Gawker rocks! Gizmodo’s my favorite asset of theirs. Why? Cuz they love technology but love booze even more (or so they’re frequent off-course forays into boozedom would seem to indicate). Anyway, this time, they tackle the anti Vodka & Soda: the venerable Gin and Tonic. Say what? Everybody hates gin! Not quite Kemosabe. Personally, my favorite cocktail is a rather simple one. I adore me a well-chilled, 1/3 Vermouth (yes people) Gibson, adorned with three over-sized, house-cured Pearl Onions. Slap that puppy in an over-sized, purty crystal cocktail glass, and you can easily convince me to help you move couches all day long. Long before Ketel and Goose with Soda ruled the skinny bitch’s roost, G&T’s were the cat’s meow at every watering hole in existence. They’re still fairly popular today but admittedly live deep in the shadows of – sheesh – that above mentioned simpleton drink.

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