Bar Maintenance 101 – Store-n-Pour Edition

Store and Pour Tops

Know what these are? They’re Store-n-Pour tops and they’re disgustingly dirty. This particular photograph is from a bar I worked at many years ago. Store-n-Pours are plastic containers juice containers that can be found at practically every bar on the planet. The idea is that you can “pour” when they’re in use, and you can “store” unused juices by swapping the spout for a plastic screw-on lid at the end of the evening. Outside of juices provisioned to come out of the WunderBar (soda gun), there is no more efficient access to commonly used juices, mixes, and other liquid preparations in a commercial bar environment.

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The Soda Gun Cleaning Brigade


See this thing folks? Know what it is? It’s Wunderbar’s commercial soda gun dispenser. It’s the source of all things carbonated at 99% of bars. If you don’t rock Wunderbar, your place has some other blue Pepsi-based Tier-2 setup or you have the misfortune of working in some funky Italian eatery whose owner insists on “keeping it really real” by continuing to use those idiotic (but cute) little 8oz glass bottles of Coke, Schweppes, tonic, etc. Those dainty bottles are the shiznit in terms of cool-factor but are utterly useless in a busy bar – a huge liability (money pit).

Now, guess that that soda gun insn’t folks? It’s not a fucking sink!

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