Your Bref So Stank

Hygiene.  I mean really?  How much can I bash you over head with guidance before you realize you’re – uh – not so fresh?  How many times have you been in the midst of conversation, and subsequently been befuddled because your paramour “backs up the truck” 2 or 3 feet and exhibits “bitter beer face?”  Confuzzled?  Did I break wind or something?  Have they seen a rat?  Is there a piece of lettuce stuck in my teefs?

No you dirt-ass! You have stank-ass breath – a.k.a, Chronic Halitosis.  You can’t possibly be that dim-witted and not realize that your mouth feels and smells like an uber-ripe, clogged, downtown subway sewer in balmy July.  You have to do something about it you big dummy!

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