Acing the Interview

Job Interview

Get down with what hiring managers want – period.

I’m coming off my 8th or 9th job interview in the last two weeks.  This is after sending out 6 – 12 resumes a day, hitting up past/present co-workers, and pounding the streets seeking those “unadvertised” jobs.  Although I did finally get the job of my liking, I had to front – that is, put on my best, fine tuned stage skills and attempt to craft my appearance, attitude, resume and answers to each individual bar/restaurant and manager on the other side of the table.  This is not an easy thing to to primarily because you have so few clues as to what those in charge of hiring are actually seeking (unless again, you’re a smoking hot 23 year old female with spunk – I again digress).

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned previously, getting a good bartending gig is mostly about 2 things (1) Who you are [i.e., your ability/experience, swagger and personality] and more importantly (2) timing.  No one leaves a great bartending gig – not for years or even decades.  So you really have to be extremely lucky with your timing – self-evident I think.  

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