Gratuitous Bartending Boob Post

P. Diddy stares deep into Jessica Biel's Golden Globes

Compared to the small niche of Mixologist/Cocktail bloggers, and the even smaller subset of Bartender-Bloggers, I’m terribly wet behind the ears in El Blogospher-O.  I should have kept a journal of my experiences beginning Day-1, in 1994. As of this writing, this blog is only 9 or 10 months old.  Regardless, if you take a random sampling of my posts, you might come to the gnarly conclusion that I’m somewhat of a misogynistic pig of  man – a dickhead.  Fair enough in some circles I guess. I’ve even received comments from outsiders, shocked that I’m in the service industry at all due to my apparent “attitude.” In the actual bar/restaurant world, none of that is even remotely true.  It doesn’t even accurately describe the somewhat sensationalized character responsible for this blog.

I must have mentioned chicks’ and boobs about eleventy billion times since I got started here. I’ve also gotten my Hatorade on extensively in terms of my frequent references to huge favoritism towards hot chicks in most of the NYC bartending world.

I’m not crazy. I simply have a penis and, like most men who haven’t been lobotomized, have allowed it to veer me off into the wrong direction at times. Furthermore, I’ve experienced the discrimination I document, first-hand for years.

Well, tonight, it will help me sleep ever so slightly better to know I’m not the only dick in town who can’t help but point out the obvious (no pun intended).  Just head on over to these fine hormone laden authors’ blogs, who handily confirm my musings and experiences.

  1. Bartending and Your Boobs – Darcy O’Neil.  This is the Godfather of Bartender Bloggers.  He’s been at it for 7 freaking years.
  2. Wanted: Female Bartenders – Doug. I think this guy should have been a syndicated columnist or some shit as opposed to a blogger. He’s got just the right combination of content, funny bone, timing and tying the whole story together – a rare gift.
  3. I’m Female… And I Still Don’t Understand This Shit – Krissy.  Writer extraordinaire. Attractively loose at the lips – no holds barred.  Love it.