The Idiot’s Guide to Mainstream Media and Mojitos


If you fancy mainstream publications, and jocking them to get a grip on L.E.S. nightlife, drinking, fucking in The Standard Hotel windows, smack, blow, or cocktail culture, keep three things in mind: (1) first and foremost, they don’t know a god-damned fucking thing about any of these topics despite their pretense (2) the larger ones are owned, managed, financed, edited, censored and spun by douchebags, illuminati or both and finally (3) those same fuckers have zero interest providing you accurate, factual, adequately-researched, unbiased information. They are controlled like puppets by their corporate masters and motivated by greed.

The major publications, broadcast, and cable media have but one agenda: brainwash the fuck out of the masses – or at least attempt to do so. By all accounts, they do a pretty damned good job. Take one look at the correlation between recent spree killings, fucktard pundits on their soapboxes spewing misinformation and inciting hate, and you’ll see what I mean. Unfortunately, the sheep in this country fall hook, line and sinker for much of the bullshit we’re fed – day in, and day out. It’s pathetic.

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