Bar Rot on Steroids

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Word to the wise: Don’t let your bar rot (Paronychia) go untreated. Heed my words or you’ll wind up in a doctor’s office or E.R. facility like this guy above. This level of infection is what used to happen to my Bangladeshi barback just about every other week. Poor guy. He’s a dirt-ass however and rarely followed proper hygiene nor did he bother to see a doctor about his finger puss problem. I’ve often wondered exactly what he was doing with his fingers when he’d disappear during my shift for 20 minutes at a time. Regardless, bartend frequently, and your fingers will get fucked up. You girls who relish long, sexy salon nails – it may be best to consider another profession or just keep your man-scratchers short and simple. Just sayin…

Bar Rot

Eeewwwwww!!! WTF is it?

You corporate suits don’t have to worry about this issue too much.  At worst, your occupational hazards are going to be making your sales numbers for the quarter so that you don’t lose your monthly car stipend, and still have a shot of making Executive V.P., partner or something like that.

Blue collar bar folk, on the other hand, are incessantly getting their hands wet, then drying them, handling dirty ass cash, clutching acidic lemons and limes, shaking other peoples’ dirty ass hands, washing in soapy water, sanitizing agent laden water, blaa blaa blaa…  What this all results in is Bar Rot – also known as Paronychia.

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