36 Cheap American Beers Ranked

36 Cheap American Beers, Ranked

It’s 4th of July people… yeah, you know what that means: you’ll be guzzling whatever cheap pisswater your second best BFF has so generously [not] spent a ton of money on at his shitty BBQ. And oh, you won’t be complaining about it. Cuz any hooch that’s bite-ass cold (and gets you buzzed) has got to be ok, right? It’s like a broke-ass, glory days of Freshman year redux only, it happens every year ’til you check out. You sure as shit know Dave has him a kitchen fridge teaming with ice cold Leffe, Old Engine Oil, Chimay Blue and Lagunitas. But you, Mr. 4th of July Party Guest, ain’t gettin’ none of it!. You’ll be relegated to quenching your thirst with this jizz above as you freeze your hand off deep-diving into a ginormous Coleman cooler of some sort. Oh well, the shit is free, right? It can’t be all bad.

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