Tip Pooling 101 – Bar Math for Dummies

In the bar business, few things cause me more angst than the topic of money; I mean my money. It’s my main reason for emerging from my man-cave isn’t it? Come the end of the night or shift, I want to get paid and I want it on the spot. Contrary to appearances and actions during my shift, I didn’t come to work to chase blue-ribbon ass, suck down endless Jamo shots, or juggle empty bottles of Malibu. I came to work primarily to enhance my collection of Benjamins (and maybe a few Jacksons).

Depending on where you work, there may be a myriad of tipping scenarios that may severely affect your cash – what you “walk” with come the end of the night. The universe has conspired to amass a shitload of things that can quickly torpedo your earnings. Among them, you have a tip division scheme or two that the bosses (in their infinite wisdom) have dreamed up and implemented. Let’s take a look at a few of them in no particular order and how they can affect your take. When you’re done reading, play around with my Tip Pooling Spreadsheet to get an idea how it works.

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