Urban Legend: André the Giant – The Greatest Drunk on Earth

I spent my early childhood at the alter of what was then known as the Worldwide Wrestling Federation (WWF).  I idolized guys like Jimmy Snuka, Big John Studd, Tony Atlas, George “the animal” Steele, Bob Backlund, Ivan Putski, The Samoans, The Iron Sheik, Bruno Samartino and of course, André René Roussimoff.  I’m showing my age here of course, rattling off these names of now “old,” retired, fat or dead wrestlers.  

If you ask me, this was the golden  age, the heyday of “professional” wrestling, however scripted of fake.  I lovingly recall several evenings in my youth, taking in WWF spectacles at Madison Square Garden cheering on, and sometimes crying for my heroes when I thought they were hurt.  “André the Giant” was by far my favorite – a huge teddy bear of a man.    In any case, the article below originally appeared on and is reposted from Drunkard.com.  Google this story and you’ll find endless links and varying opinions as to it’s validity.  No matter, it’s simply legendary now and I’d prefer to go to my grave believing the fair tail.

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