You Can Blog

Are you a fellow bartender? Been considering entering the blogging world or just want your article or two heard? Well, I’m open to guest bloggers. Yes, for real. All you’ve got to do is be original, whitty, and articulate. Tall order, huh? I know.

If you want to be published on this site, get your ass to the keyboard and send me a sample article. Just follow these guidelines

  1. Unique Title
  2. Unique Content
  3. Original photography or relevant “public domain” photograph
  4. Opening enticing paragraph
  5. Proper sentence and paragraph structure
  6. No typos or poor grammar (poetic license ok)
  7. Relevant to the topic at hand: bartending (this isn’t a personal rant blog)
  8. Closing

If it’s worthwhile, I’ll publish it and credit you appropriately. Write sufficiently well, and are of the same mindset, and you can publish your damned self on the regular.



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